Energy And Vitality You Can Feel

Bring Posturologist Ann Moore to your company or group to lead a energizing workshop with long lasting benefits.


In this workshop, you will discover

  • Why posture makes a difference to your quality of life
  • How connective tissue works to hold your body structure together
  • What physical limitations are slowing you down by increasing physical and mental fatigue.
  •  Strategies to stay relaxed while under stress

The 3 most important things to remember when stretching that make ALL the difference in results.

  • How much is too much exercise?
  •  Improve Work and Play performance
  •  Look great and feel great
  •  Enjoy better bone strength, great circulation and sound sleep
  • Have the vitality to do those things you may have put off before

The workshop is interactive and builds cooperation and support among attendees.
Call for full and half day programs, schedules, and pricing.


I have been fortunate enough to experience 3 workshops of yours, all of which have made me conscientious of my posture and most importantly muscle and connective tissue that are stressed from canoe paddling and from my day to day work life. My last experience with you has to be the most remarkable. I had just completed a 8.15 race in Hawaii called “The Great Aloha Run.” My body was aching, muscles were tense and tight. The workshop you presented to me that day had me stretching my entire body from head to toe. Although it was difficult to get my body cooperating,, as I relaxed and listened to your voice and allowed my muscles to hold a stretch, I soon found that this was exactly what I needed. The 30-40 minute stretching and relaxation activities you provided, revitalized my energy and by the next day, my muscles and body were no longer aching, tense and tight. It was if I hadn’t done the race all. Love it.