Rusty Piper Moore – Greeter

Rusty-at-work If you have ever stepped through the doors at Back To Life Wellness and have been met by a smiling face and wagging tail then you have had the experience of meeting Rusty our official greeter here at the center. Though Rusty is Ann’s personal companion, she will steal your heart too. She is truly a loving friend to all folks that come in for treatment.Rusty-intake

Studies have shown that the love of a dog opens and softens your heart and actually can slow your heart rate. It is no wonder that I find clients in the hallway sitting on the floor or on the steps with Rusty giving and receiving adoration before and after their session.

Rusty is a Jack Russell Terrier that came to work at Back to Life Wellness Center just two days after arriving at her new home with Ann. This is her second home and she has a job to do. Born March 15th 2006 to father ‘General’ and mother ‘Princess’, she has a little of both parents in her. She commands attention like the general, but is truly royalty like a princess.

When people walk through our doors whether or not they are ‘dog’ people doesn’t matter. Rusty works her magic and in no time at all they become connected. We are all grateful for her presence, her gentle spirit and what she brings to each person that walks through the door.