Sharon Ferra – Posturist

sharonSharon comes to Back to Life from a private practice in Modesto. She earned her massage certification at the McKinnon Massage school in Oakland in 2010. As a former professional athlete, Sharon was no stranger to chronic pains and postural insufficiencies within her own body. Over the years Sharon has tried various therapies, always offering some, but not sustaining relief. After a session with Reposturing founder, Aaron Parnell, Sharon knew what the next step for her bodywork was. She completed training as a Certified Posturist in 2013 and has been incorporating Reposturing into her work ever since. Sharon is passionate about helping people rediscover their bodies, and helps her clients with their bio individual goals. Whether it’s muscular re-education, reducing pain, improving their workout performance, increasing flexibility, or simply relaxing, Sharon is committed to helping you.

You can call and schedule an appointment with Sharon directly at 209-996-5090.